Canberra backs Indonesia’s sovereignty over Papua

March 17, 2010

Australia Network News

Linda Mottram, Canberra — Australia’s foreign minister Stephen Smith has reiterated Canberra’s support for Indonesia’s sovereignty over Papua.

Activists have used the visit of Indonesia’s president to Australia this week, to call on Canberra to raise alleged human rights abuses in the region. Read the rest of this entry »


Report: Papuan radicals behind Freeport attacks

March 15, 2010

Reuters India

Sunanda Creagh — Separatists in Indonesia’s politically sensitive Papua province were behind deadly attacks in 2009 on workers near a mine run by a unit of Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc, a report released on Thursday said.

A secessionist movement has smouldered for decades in Papua in the far east of the Indonesian archipelago. In recent months, unidentified gunmen launched a series of attacks on vehicles travelling to Freeport’s Grasberg copper and gold mine near Timika, wounding more than 20 people and killing two. Read the rest of this entry »

Regulations ‘needed’ to back Papua autonomy

March 12, 2010

Nethy Dharma Somba — The government is being urged to immediately issue 19 government regulations to assist the implementation of special bylaws in Papua.

Sophie Maipauw, Regional Representatives’ Council (DPD) from Papua and West Papua, said the Home Ministry should prioritize the regulations to serve as guidelines in implementing the bylaws.

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Indigenous People to Accommodate Special Autonomy

March 7, 2010

Tribal leaders in Papua will accommodate special autonomy or popular as Otsus.

“The Bill 21/2001 on Otsus for Papua and West Papua provinces is a real form of recognition and respect to Papuan cultural and values. We will promote indigenous people’s rights and dignity,” Tribal Leader Ramses Ohee told the press in Jayapura recently. Read the rest of this entry »

Papuan Mummi

March 4, 2010

Mummi not only exists in Egypt, but also in Papua province. Papuan mummi is made by evaporating its human body fluids so it becomes a dry, hard, and rigid body. In this process, it is not required ingredients or preservatives. Dani tribe’s mummi called “Hun” means spirit, that is believed to protect and bring a blessing for its future generations.Someone can be mummi if during his/her lifetime was very popular such as a head or warlord. Preservation remains to be done as a tribute to charismatic figure mummi.

Prosess of mummi can only be done by couple (a husband and a wife). Husband’s duty is to complete preservation, starting from preparing wood until heating a dead body, while wife’task is to prepare food for his husband. A man uses sharp wood to puncture dead body until all fluids out of the body.

Jouwe: Papua Merdeka Only a Dream

March 3, 2010

Free Papua Movement (OPM) founder Nicholas Jouwe, on Thursday, said that Papua Merdeka is only a dream.

Papua will never be independent, because it has been independent in the frame of the Republic of Indonesia.

Nicholas Jouwe was fighting for Papuan independency in the U.N. in 1960s.

Nicholas Jouwe returned to Indonesia for good in 2009.

He will stay in Papua and spend the rest of his life there.

“I shall return to Papua, because I am an Indonesian,” said Nicholas Jouwe.

He gets a lot of information on Papua development.

He admitted that Papua is much more progress than 40 years ago. People were living in stone-age then. Now, it is modern life in Papua.

Indonesia to Hold Papua – Jakarta Dialogue

March 2, 2010

Papua – Jakarta dialog will be held to resolve the problem in Papua.

Preparing this dialog, the consolidation team is established to accommodate Papuan aspirations and views. The team is to set the format and the frame of the dialog as well as the place.

“The team has disseminated the Papua – Jakarta dialog issue in four districts, such as Wamena, Timika, Sorong and Manokwari,” said Sekolah Tinggi Fajar Timur director, Rev. Neles Tebay.

“It will be conducted in Nabire and Biak on March, in Merauke and Jayapura on April, and in Fak-fak on May 2010.”

The dissemination is aiming to accommodate Papuan aspirations on Papua – Jakarta dialog and how to solve the problem in Papua.

Many Papuan give positive responses to the Papua – Jakarta dialog.