Dino Djalal Writes to US Congress about Papua

September 24, 2010

The hearing was only attended by three Congress people.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the US, Dino Patti Djalal, said he was not too concerned about the hearing on Papua issues in the congress, because the hearing was only attended by three Congress people. According to Dino, the US government should not change its stance.

“In this matter, there are more friends of Indonesia than critics in Congress,” Dino said at a press conference with Vice President Boediono in New York (23/9). Read the rest of this entry »


The US government supports Papua’s integration into Indonesia

August 27, 2010

Breaking News !

On 26 August 2010, located in the living room of the DPRP, First Secretary for Political Affairs of the United States of America Embassy in Jakarta Melanie Higgins has confirmed the US’s commitment to support the Papua’s integration into Indonesia. Papua’s House of Representatives chief John Ibo said the U.S. government’s relief has poured into Indonesia to enhance competency based human resource development particularly in Papua province and she also explained that some students are studying in the US. Papuan people respond positively.

Indonesia releases 2 Papuan political prisoners

July 9, 2010

“Human Rights Watch welcomed their release”

Indonesian authorities have released two political prisoners jailed for pushing for independence in the vast archipelago’s easternmost province of Papua.

Yusak Pakage and Chosmos Yual were freed Wednesday from Doyo Baru prison in Jayapura, Papua’s provincial capital, said Nazarudin Bunas, head of the local Law and Human Rights Ministry.

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Indonesia to Hold Papua – Jakarta Dialogue

March 2, 2010

Papua – Jakarta dialog will be held to resolve the problem in Papua.

Preparing this dialog, the consolidation team is established to accommodate Papuan aspirations and views. The team is to set the format and the frame of the dialog as well as the place.

“The team has disseminated the Papua – Jakarta dialog issue in four districts, such as Wamena, Timika, Sorong and Manokwari,” said Sekolah Tinggi Fajar Timur director, Rev. Neles Tebay.

“It will be conducted in Nabire and Biak on March, in Merauke and Jayapura on April, and in Fak-fak on May 2010.”

The dissemination is aiming to accommodate Papuan aspirations on Papua – Jakarta dialog and how to solve the problem in Papua.

Many Papuan give positive responses to the Papua – Jakarta dialog.

UN Rights Meeting

February 10, 2009

What is the use of sending a big delegation to UN Rights Meeting in Geneva next March? For Papuan it is a real good gesture from Indonesian government to include representatives from Papua.

Here is the related news from Jakarta Globe:

Supersized Delegation Attending UN Rights Meet

It’s not a matter of who has been invited to attend the United Nations Human Rights Council Assembly in Geneva from March 2 to 27, but who hasn’t.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that as well as its own delegation, it had asked for representation from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs; the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare; the Attorney General’s Office; the Ministry of Home Affairs; the National Police; the Indonesian Armed Forces; the Ministry of Social Affairs; the Ministry of Religious Affairs; the Constitutional Court; and the Judicial Commission. Read the rest of this entry »

Human rights lawyer cleared in Indonesia

February 9, 2009

Good News from West Papua delivered worldwide by Amnesty International:

29 January 2009

A prominent human rights lawyer in Indonesia has been cleared of charges relating to a text message he is alleged to have sent to his friends and family contacts. Iwanggin Sabar Olif, a member of the Papuan organization ELSHAM (Lembaga Studi dan Advokasi Hak Asasi Manusia, Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy), had faced up to six years in prison.

The text message asked people to be careful because Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had ordered a deadly program together with the army aimed at “eradicating” (membasmikan) the Papuan population through food poisoning and other violent actions. However, Iwanggin Sabar Olif always denied having written or sent this message, or even having received it. Read the rest of this entry »

West Papua: A challenge for Democratic Indonesia

February 8, 2009

February 08, 2009 Free West Papua

Many lobby groups challenged the Australian Rudd government over its approach to human rights situation in West Papua.  AWPA, all together with some political opportunist like Paula Makabory and  Joe  Collins, have written to the Autralian Government either the Prime Minister Rudd or Foreign minister Stephen Smith asking for evidence that the government is taking real action to make the Indonesian military accountable. Read the rest of this entry »