The Battle to Save Indonesia’s Disappearing Forests

February 24, 2011

Zubaidah Nazeer – Straits Times Indonesia | February 23, 2011

Imagine 400 football fields of trees disappearing during the duration of a soccer match. That was the rate of deforestation in Indonesia just a few years ago, between 2000 and 2006.

After bans by European countries on imports of illegally logged timber products, the rate of destruction has halved – to about 1 million hectares a year. But this is still considered high, and urgent action is needed, say researchers, analysts and environmental activists. If nothing is done, Indonesia’s unprotected natural forests will be depleted in about 35 years, said Bustar Maitar of Greenpeace Indonesia. Read the rest of this entry »


Papuans welcomes development acceleration plan

February 17, 2011

The government to make sure that the development acceleration in Papua well conducted.

Papuan community leader and city councilor Athanasius Allo Rafra has welcomed the government plan to establish a taskforce in March in a bid to accelerate development in Papua and West Papua provinces.

“I support the establishment of the taskforce because the development of Papua and West Papua has progressed at a snail’s pace,” said Allo Rafra on Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry »

Boediono to lead Papua meeting

February 14, 2011

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Mon, 02/14/2011 10:42 AM | National

Vice President Boediono will lead a meeting of 22 ministers in his office to discuss accelerating development in Papua on Monday.

In attendance are expected to be the National Education Minister, the Health Minister, the Home Affairs Minister, the Public Works Minister, the Industry Minister, the Trade Minister, the Law and Human Rights Minister, the Agriculture Minister and the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister.

“This follow-up meeting will discuss the concept and design of the presidential decree on the acceleration of development in Papua and West Papua,  Beodiono’s spokesman, Yopie Hidayat said, as reported by news portal.

Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu and West Papua Governor Abraham O will not attend the meeting since the pair was at a meeting at the presidential office on the same subject in January.

Greenpeace Unveils Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System in West Papua, Indonesia

February 13, 2011

Greenpeace, a non-governmental environmental organization, has unveiled a solar-wind hybrid power system in West Papua, Indonesia. The organization requested the Indonesian government to utilize its abundant source of renewable energy.

The solar-wind hybrid power system has a capacity of one MW and it consists of solar panels producing 800 W of energy and a wind turbine generating 200 W of energy. The power system was constructed on Mansiman Island in Manokwari district. Read the rest of this entry »

US: Indonesia making progress on human rights

February 1, 2011

Indonesia’s military is largely moving in the right direction on human rights despite the videotaped torture of civilians in restive Papua, a senior US defense official said Tuesday.Robert Scher, the top Pentagon official handling Southeast Asia, reiterated US concerns that the 10-month sentences handed last month to three soldiers over the abuse in Papua were too lenient.

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ASEAN chairmanship helps Indonesia bring peace in Papua

January 30, 2011

by Mangadar Situmorang*)

Having officially assumed the chairmanship of ASEAN, Indonesia brings forth an agenda of making ASEAN a people-centered community. This has proved that the widely held cynicism that views ASEAN as merely a forum for the Southeast Asia’s government elites is baseless.

But what does this new approach really mean? What then is the role played by the government elites and notably the ASEAN Secretariat? And, with a very specific interest, does will the new agenda have any impact on Papua? Read the rest of this entry »

PNG launches border crackdown operation

January 25, 2011

Papua New Guinea’s government has deployed a joint security operation to destroy alleged free West Papua activist training camps along the PNG-Indonesia border.

Authorities in Papua New Guinea have launched a massive operation to stop the illegal flow of people and goods across the country’s border with Indonesia.

Illegal activities in Vanimo along its side of the border pose a national security threat to its sovereignty. Read the rest of this entry »